You can deploy LLM backends directly from Baseplate. Set up an endpoint once in your code, and you’re good to go!

The worst part of prototyping great LLM apps is having to reimplement them again in your codebase. Baseplate Endpoints makes sure you never have to do that again!

Each endpoint has an ID that you will use as a reference in your code.

Why do it this way?

  • Prototyping in code is slow, difficult, and annoying. Setting up new versions in a nice UI can speed up workflows greatly
  • Easy to run tests and experiments different variants
  • Monitor and manage in a single place
  • Our endpoints are performance optimized and run on the edge

Create an Endpoint

Go to the Endpoints page and create an Endpoint. See the previous page on how to deploy versions of an app.

Endpoints take your prototyped LLM and creates a ready to use API!


View a history of who deployed what and when. You can also deploy endpoints directly to Slack or Discord as a bot by clicking one of the buttons in the top right.

Deploy directly to Slack or Discord and view a history of previous deployments


The API tab will show you code examples for calling the endpoint from your code.


Automatically handle PII in your data. Baseplate will automatically remove PII from your data before it is sent to AI providers, and we never store it on our servers.

Configure PII handling