This page contains a high-level overview of a few apps you can build with Baseplate. Baseplate is a platform for building YOUR AI, so feel free to get creative and tailor it to your ideal use case!

For step-by-step instructions for a particular use case, ask questions in our Discord our reach out directly via email!

Customer Support

A common and valuable use case for retrieval-based LLM apps is engaging your customers when they have questions. An AI application is always available, and given the right context, will accurately answer questions about your products.

With Baseplate you can build a custom support app that fits into your workflow.

Like to add emojis in your responses? Want to base answers on previous conversations your support agents have had? Want a human in the loop? Tell us in your system message.
Through prompting, Baseplate apps can even respond with β€œI don’t know” when the proper information is missing in your datasets.

Implementation Suggestions

AI Teaching Assistant

LLMs can be used to make educational content more engaging and accessible for students. With Baseplate, you can connect your course content and have an AI help you teach.

Baseplate AI Apps can respond with images. For visual learners, this is a must have. For more info, check out our APIs.

Our customers have built apps that

  1. Explain course content and review material with students
  2. Personalize assignments to individuals
  3. Recommend readings or next steps
  4. Grade assignments and tests

Implementation Suggestions

AI Knowledge Hub

Retrieval-based LLM apps are great at finding relevant content and synthesizing large amounts of information. Instead of searching through Google Drive, find and utilize the most relevant content through a simple chat interface.

Apps on Baseplate are always able to cite sources and provide links to source material.

Why is this important?

  1. This can speed up onboarding of new teammembers
  2. Help you leverage your collective knowledge and experience better
  3. Prepare you for important meetings or presentations

Implementation Suggestions

Proposals / Contracts Assistant

LLMs can be integral parts of your workflows relating to proposals and contracts. Received an RFP from a potential customer? A Baseplate app can help draft a Q/A document based on your previous work. It can then use answers from your Q/A document to draft a proposal.

Use our Document Retrieval APIs to find relevant documents, or our search APIs to find relevant chunks of documents.

Implementation Suggestions

E-Commerce Shopping Guide

Want to help your customers find the most relevant products? Turn your search bar into an AI shopping assistant.

Implementation Suggestions